Baldassarre Fresh Pasta

Makers of fresh pasta, students of Italian tradition.

Supplying Toronto’s most discerning chefs with traditional fresh pasta of the highest quality since 2010.

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Long Egg Pastas

Our long pastas are kneaded, rolled, and hand cut to retain essential air content, providing suppleness and porosity. We use custom flour blends milled to spec with the richest Canadian eggs for incredible elasticity, texture and flavour.



The quintessential long egg pasta.

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Filled Pastas

Created with our rich, supple egg pasta dough, our filled pastas are rolled, cut, and closed by hand. This traditional, small-scale approach allows the size and filling to be customized with every order. Choose from our suggested fillings or create one with us.



A tribute to the masters.

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Bronze Die Pastas

We’ve adapted our recipes and dies to extrude pastas that, when used fresh, retain great bite and mouth feel. Custom soft bronze dies are paramount in creating a coarse surface texture which enhances the marriage of condiment and pasta.



A brazen and bold pasta with bite.

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Eggless Pastas

Our selection of eggless pasta is made up of regionally specific products that are unique in production and characteristics.



Tiny but packing a textural punch.

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The perfect pasta dough starts with fantastic eggs and fantastic flour. We use the highest quality Canadian eggs and custom flour blends milled to strict specifications. Everything – from protein content to caliber of grain – is thoroughly considered.


Our traditional and non-traditional fillings are made with: peak quality seasonal produce, locally made fresh cheeses, locally sourced meats, Italian D.O.P. cheeses and salumi. We collaborate closely with chefs to develop unique fillings for custom pastas, lending our expertise to achieve the perfect result.

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Famiglia Baldassarre’s kitchen is located at 122 Geary Avenue, one of Toronto's last, true artisan/manufacturing strips.

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